Hi I’m Kate. Welcome to my online space. Thanks for taking time to have a look around.

I am a (Tera-Mai) Reiki Seichem Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot Teacher and Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, and am passionate about teaching all aspects of spiritual work. I am honoured to support and share the journeys of my students who explore many different kinds of energy work and spiritual development.

I emigrated from the UK in 2015 and have loved living here in sunny Singleton. I have been lucky enough to meet hundreds of like-minded people who share my love of energy work, crystals and spiritual matters. We have created, here in Singleton, WA, a hub of men and women who come together regularly to develop their spiritual gifts.

I hold one-to-one client sessions for Intuitive Reiki Seichem healing and Rider-Waite tarot readings. These can be done in person or via distance (recording).

I have 15 years’ experience of teaching adults. I offer circles, workshops and courses in:

  • Crystal Healing
  • (Tera-Mai based) Reiki Seichem
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Angelic Reiki/ Celtic Reiki/ Kundalini Reiki/Orca & Dolphin Reiki/Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki/Akashic Records/Lemurian Seed Crystal Reiki/Psychic Reiki/Elemental Reiki
  • Rider Waite Tarot
  • Psychic Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

My Reiki Seichem courses are based on Tera-Mai and include: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Master Practitioner & Level 4 Master Teacher.

I also have a shop where I sell high quality, beautiful crystals, incense, resin and other spiritual items.


Have a look around at the courses, posts and shop for things that might be of interest to you. And please do get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you!