Champagne Aura Quartz Heart

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Aura Quartz

Bonded with platinum

Activates all the energy centres in the body, clearing a path for life force to manifest multi-dimensionally.
Good for dysfunctional relationships. Cutting karmic ties.
Releases negative emotions and brings deep insight.
A high vibrational stone.

Integrates light body into physical dimension.
A crystal of joy, the rainbows signify hope and optimism.
Brings great love and connection with high vibrational healing energies.

Multi-dimensional healing and beneficial for hurt and trauma.

Works with all Chakras, particularly the higher such as Crown, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway and in the aura (especially the spiritual outer layers)

Excellent for protection and absorbing negativity.

Good for balancing the chakras and connecting mind, body and spirit.

The rainbow hue helps you to connect with the energy of unconditional love and to cleanse emotional blockages.

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